Wiñaywayna ruins


Wiñaywayna, forever young, Is an archeologic site, located at the southwest of Machu Picchu Sancturay, between Putyutamarca and Intipunku, at 2700 meter above the sea level, perfect for your tour adventures.

Wiñaywayna consists of two constructions, one is located on the top, and the other is below that, united by a type of stairways, where you can see some of his terraces used for his agriculture activities.

Just like every part of Machu Picchu, the trapezoidal forms are represented here, like the windows and the portals. This construction has around 10 founts made by execute the water rituals, and a long tower composed by Terraces that look over a cleave.

¿How to get there?

According to many guides, the trip last around 3 days, following the Inca Trail, began on the Piscacucho community, although there are another ways to get to Wiñaywayna, depends on the routs that the tourist take, you can see beautiful communities like Cusichaca(km 82), Huayllabamba (km 88) Chachabamba (km 104).


Is warm and moist, with a glimpse of sunshine along the day and cool by night. The raining seasons are from December to March.


The tourist must know that bringing some things that are going to be useful, like pills against altitude sickness or soroche, sleeping bag, mosquito repellent and sunglasses.

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