Sacsayhuaman, the place where the hawk is satisfied. Is inevitable not remain fascinated by the astonishing structures of Sacsayhuaman, is truly a mystery that who, how and when did these constructions were made, because Archaeologist and Historian could not determine the time that these was made, but recent studies date the stones for over 3000 years old, and even more.

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Around his constructions, many theories have been woven; Like the Ufologist who thinks that these stones were put by aliens, other theory was that in here was living giants that built this fortress.

The whole structure is a work of engineering made by the Incas on his maximum height, is considered as one of the many structures that the time want to remain forever. Is the silent witness of many battles and many celebrations throughout the centuries.

This fortress is located at 2km from Cusco city, with an altitude of 3700 meters above the sea level, is surrounding by the Ausangate, Cinca and Pachatusan Mountains, his sacred and natural protectors.

¿How was designed?

The shape that the fortress has is like a Puma, and that’s because one of the translations of Sacsayhuaman is Puma, and also this animal is the one who watch and take care of everything.

Some of these stones are huge, and you can’t help wonder how does these stones were carry and transport to that site, and be able to cut the stone so perfectly that even a hair could pass through the stones.

Some of the studies of Sacsayhuaman mentioned that this was a fortress, but this is no certain at all, since that this might be a Sanctuary, due to his kind of construction, and built in honor to the Sun god.

The time took to make this great and amazing construction is around 50 years, with the Tupac Yupanqui Inca, and the quantity of men was around 20000 men.

Fortified Towers

These towers were located on the top of the fortress, the name of these towers were Muyucmarca, Sallacmarca y Paucamarca. The first one had a circular shape, the second was quadrangular and the third also had a quadrangular shape.


This was one of the most and important places to celebrate rituals and sacrifices all along the Inca Empire. Thousands of people gathered to presence some of the most beautiful and significant ceremonies in the entire Empire.

This place is also where the Inti Raymi feast was celebrated being the most important celebration, since that was to honor and worshiped to their principal and almighty god, the Sun.

Recent studies said that these constructions are line-up to many sacred places like The Coricancha Temple, the cathedral of Cusco (before was the Wiracocha temple). With this conclusion they said that the Incas was not guide only by Venus, but also many other as the Moon, the cross of the south and the Pleiades (that conformed the Taurus constellation).

In this fortress took place the battle of Sacsayhuaman, where many native died defending his Empire, and the last bastion of the entire Reign. One person in particular bring out and make a name in the History of Tahuantinsuyo: Cahuide, who was see that his soldiers were dying, in an act of bravery; he throws down to battle the Spanish, giving his life to not being caught and took prisoner.

After that battle, the Spanish conquers dismantle many of the towers and stones that were part of the fortress, and leaving to this fortress many empty spaces.

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