The archaeological complexes of Moray are Platforms made to experiment the changes of the weather, since that in this place they were created micro-climes that are good for the products that are the base of the Inca everyday food.

This complex is located 7km from the Maras’s community, in the Inca sacred valley, to 38km approximately to the northeast of Cusco, his altitude gets to the 3200-3500 meters above the sea level.

The mane of the place comes from the word Amoray, which means the harvest of the corn, which happens on the month of May, also Moray means dehydrated potato , a very tasty and useful food when the cold is getting stronger, they made a soup with that potato, along with mondongo, which is the cows stomach and mote( boiled corn).

The place looks like a moon crater, with 4 levels in a semicircular form, where the principal product that are grow is the corn, there are many types of that sacred food, and his use is for several things, like the drink called Chicha, one of the most sacred and important foods on the Inca Empire.

Try to make different weathers in a single place is truly a work of extraordinary engineering , no culture can compared to this masterpiece, The Incas were so concern about the alimentation of his people, eating just the food that gave proteins and strength to be able to run around 5 km from one place to another ( Chasquis, Inca mailmen) .

The platforms were used profusely all along the Inca Empire, and made of this the easiest way to controlled the types of corn, potatoes and many other products that were grow in those platforms.

How do these platforms worked?

According to many studies, these platforms indicated the production of the corn, with 4 levels, they can controlled the weather, lower temperature, improved maize production, because the soil absorbs water better, and there is a better product quality.


October is the month where hundreds of natives of the surrounding communities get to this place and celebrate what they called Moray Raymi, in these feasts people dances thanking to the soil for a good harvest and for the whole hard work that these people had to do, in order to ingratiate to the God Sun and his Governor. Your travel vacation starts when you get involved and in loved with the native people and see how they live.

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