Phuyupatamarca, the place of the clouds. Located at an altitude of 3670 meters above the sea level Phuyupatamarca, is a place that took your breath away because of the amazing view that you’re watching. Like many Inca sites, this is not the exception that combined balance between nature and the environment, a classical and traditional aspect of the Inca Philosophy and magical believes.

Like is being told, the place is called of the clouds, because most of the year is surround by big and thick clouds, due to his nearness to the Ceja de Selva (Low jungle). This site is formed by platforms and many ritual baths that functioned for sacred and religious ceremonies.

On this site you can also see the amazing hydraulic system to irrigate the whole platforms, and is more amazing that this system is still works, over 500 years of being built. Phuyupatamarca is one of the few constructions that are still intact in his majority, and from that place you can see the ruins of Intipata and Wiñaywayna.

¿How to get there?

From the Sayacmarca ruins, around in the 9 and 2km from the ruins is located Phuyupatamarca, is like 3 hours of trekking. It has a several stairs that leads you to some fountains (the ones who functioned as ritual baths). Close to the Phuyupatamarca ruins there’s a camp site where you can watch one of the most beautiful snowcapped in the whole Inca trial: The Salcantay, with an altitude of 6721 meters, was a sacred and important mountain to the Inca Empire.

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