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The temple of the Sun

The temple of the Sun


Few people had access to this place, since that the ceremonies for the ordinary people were made on the public square, only the priest and the Inca could enter to the Temple of the Sun.

This is a semi-circular construction built over a strong rock, adapted to the natural environment, on the temple of the Sun there’s a tower with a trapezoidal window, built over a rock of pure granite, in this place the persons who were in charge of the cult of the INTI (The principal god, the Sun) they keep several mummies to be worshiped, these mummies places are called the royal tombs, given that the mummies were an important part of the cult to the Sun.

For your Travel vacations, this is a must see place on you agenda, since that this is a very special place with great energy.

The gate has a very interested security system, wich includes many metal rings that functioned to avoid that the common people was able to watch the rituals dedicated to the sun.

Solar Observatory

In this place they put many pieces of pottery to equilibrate the position of the sun, they put this in both windows to performed the rituals perfectly.

Sacrifice Center

The priest was the persons who are in charge of perform the sacrifices, killing many animals and by the reading of his stomach and lungs, they can see the future and prevent any kind of disaster.

The localization of the temple was strategically because the Incas thought that while they are most high, they can reach the sky and do a better perform of his rituals and ceremonies.

According to the Hiram Bingham Studies, this place keep resemblance to the Qoricancha or temple of the Sun, the main building where they worshiped his God the INTI. He gets to that conclusion because the two windows that exist are related with the Summer solstice and the winter solstice, the longest and shortest days of the year.

Besides the control of the Sun, these people can make decision about the time how and when harvest, since they can observe the Sun movements, and the positions of the stars at night, like many ancient cultures, they were aware of the constellations, a very useful tip for his harvest.
The Spanish conquers melt every piece of gold that they found to make his coins and jewels, they thought that many natives hide many treasures on these sites, but nothing was ever found. According to several legends, the town of El Dorado (The golden town) was in Machu Picchu, but other legends point that El Dorado was in Colombia, far away from the Sanctuary.

Inside of the temple, there is a stone that in the Inca times was an altar where the priest made the rituals and sacrifices, and offering the sacred drink of the Incas, Chicha.

One of the sides of the temple is known as La Casa de la Ñusta (Home of the princess) although according to studies, no princess was living here, is a building from 2mts with extraordinary structure, with many doors and niches.

The Mausoleum

It was a natural cave under the temple of the sun, which might contain the rest of the Inca Pachacutec, the Inca who send to made Machu Picchu in the XVth century, this theory was created by Hiram Bingham, but recent studies said that this building was made to celebrate the ceremony of the Mother Earth (Pachamama).

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