Tambomachay Cusco

Tambomachay, The Inca baths. This site is located at 8km from the city of Cusco , at 3700 meters above the sea level, is also known as the Cavern Tambo( storage).

His name comes from the Quechua words Tampu, which means place or storage, and Machay, which means rest, is a splendid place where took place a ceremony for the water, and thank for his precious gifts like make the flowers grow, and giving life to all creatures in the universe.

Tambomachay is formed by 4 walls stepped inserted to the hill, on the top of the structure there are 4 niches in a trapezoidal shape, where it might deposited the offerings in honor to the water.

Until know, nobody knows where the water comes from this aqueducts, since the water comes from the interior of this place. These aqueducts are built in a way that the water flows naturally to the bottom of the structure, where is a little fount, place where the water is received to be ritualized.

According to many studies, this place must have been closed, because is one of the most sacred and peaceful of the whole structures in the Machu Picchu complex and near the Sanctuary. When you come from your travel vacations you feel the peace and joy from those canals.

It called the Inca baths because in this place was where the Inca cleans his body, like he was cleaning from all evil and cleaning his mind and body, also this is called the Bath of the Ñusta ( The princess bath) a little room where the water comes from.


If you want to visit this place, usually they have a tour guide from 2pm-6pm, but if you want to go on your own, you got to take a bus that pass over the Rosario Bridge Avenue, or maybe take the buses that go out from Calca, and last you can take the bus from the enterprise Huerto, a very well-known buses line.

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