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Restaurants in Machu Picchu

Indio Feliz Toto´s house Café Inkaterra You can choose between many of the restaurants in Machu Picchu that are located in the same city of Machu Picchu, and enjoy of a great food and view. The dishes served are for all kinds of tastes, from native cuisine and international cuisine; you can drink many beverages […]

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Lima Information

Lima Lima, the three times crowned city 1535, Few Spanish conquers arrive to a dry but abundant territory known as Lima, name that comes from the deformation of the word Ràmac, which means talker and also is the name of the main river that cross trough that place. 2012, almost 480 years later, Lima is […]

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Peruvian Food

Peruvian food is an important expression of the country’s culture, just like its ceramics, textiles, music, and literature. The coastal, mountains, and jungle regions of Peru offer an abundant variety of fresh ingredients that satisfied not only home cookers but also the most sophisticated chef. The culinary history of the Peruvian food dates back to […]

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