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Tipón, city and archaeological site. Is a National Park, located on the 18th km of the Cusco-Puno highway, at an altitude of 3500 meters above the sea level, is a huge site where experimentation and engineering are combined, where 12 platforms stands out, functioned as an experimental laboratory to make the products grow, there are levels according where the products are placed.

His walls are built with stones of the most finest care, the same with the irrigation system, that even over 500 years or more, still works, and the local natives are still using this system to his agricultural benefit.

According to the Historians and Archaeologist this site must be a place where few people could have access, due to his importance and the series of walls that are on the site, they function might be for the intruders that came to see this site.

¿How to get there?

Over the little river called Watanay, there’s a very scarce road for over 5km approximately, you can find the Archaeological complex of Tipón.

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