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The temple of the Moon

It said that the temple of the moon served as an observation point, to watch if any intrude might get and take some of the oblations. The size of the temple is big, 8 meters high per 6 meters wide, his form is rectangular, and that shows 3 doors of 1.60 each.

This temple is a compound of caves beautifully carved, and one of these caves is the called of the moon (Quilla In the native language). This structure was to fulfill the care of the mummies that have an important and transcendental religious value.

How to reach to the temple of the moon

You can climb through the left side of the Huayna Picchu Mountain, climbing a ladder formed by many steps, it last around 1 hour get up there, but is kind of risky , and that’s why can be climb one person at a time. Is worth climbing up there, the view is amazing, you will not regret it, and you keep as a very good experience from your vacation travel.

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