Restaurants in Machu Picchu

Indio Feliz

Toto´s house

Café Inkaterra

You can choose between many of the restaurants in Machu Picchu that are located in the same city of Machu Picchu, and enjoy of a great food and view. The dishes served are for all kinds of tastes, from native cuisine and international cuisine; you can drink many beverages like Inti sour, Pisco sour, and the famous Coca sour.

Here there’s a list of the most common and visited restaurants in the city of Machu Picchu:

Indio Feliz: Peruvian-French cuisine. Address: Calle Lloque Yupanqui Nº 103 Machu Picchu Pueblo, Cusco, Perú – Reservaciones: 51 (84) 211090.

Toto´s house: One of the biggest dinner rooms of that city is an all you can eat buffet, there’s also a menu a la carte, and so you can order anything that’s not on the buffet. Address: Imperios de los Incas Avenue, Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu Town), Perú.

Café Inkaterra: Have one of the greatest innovations the kitchen area, the new Novo-Andina cook. Mixed the best of both worlds, ancient and local ingredients with the newest techniques of preparation. Address: Address Machu Picchu, next to the train station Phone 5184 211122/211123. Email . Open daily from noon to 4pm.

Chez Maggy Pizza place: A great choice for taste the good pizza, made on a clay oven, with the traditional spices and local herbs. Address: Pachacutec 156, Machu Picchu city. Phone 084 211006.

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