Pachacutec, the Inca Emperor

Pachacutec, The Inca Emperor this is one of the most important and powerful Incas of the entire Empire, was the 9th Inca of the whole Empire. His victories made him a name in the Peruvian and universal History. According to Guaman Poma de Ayala, a native chronicler said that this Inca was the strongest of all people; he had a slingshot that threw golden stones to their enemies.

Was one of the first on built several Huacas and houses that called Acllahuasis (the temple of the chosen virgins) who were the future wives of the Inca and his soldiers, also these virgins were buried alive when someone important of the Empire die.

Guaman Poma said that on his govern period there’s a lot of deads and there was no rain during seven years, all the time people died and every day there was funerals all over the Empire, and that’s because one group of people dedicated to battle was leaving his mark on every territory that conquered, this group was called the Chancas.

The battle that is going to be crucial for the Incas was the one that liberated with the Chancas, and that battle has a fantastic story: According to many chroniclers, this battle starts with the desire of conquered every city that they step, and one brave Inca couldn’t not let this happen, his name was Cusi Yupanqui, and for that purpose he received a heavenly help from the Wiracocha god: Several rocks turn into warriors, and fight against the Chancas, defeat them and win the battle leading by Cusi Yupanqui, and that made him the Lord of the Empire, changing his name from Cusi Yupanqui to Pachacutec, which means Transformation.

And from that moment The Tahuantinsuyo Empire begin his splendor and cultural expansion, and the city of Cusco acquired notoriety in the Empire, remain as the Empire capital, and thanks to Pachacutec the Tahuantinsuyo reached many territories that wasn’t conquered before.

In the Time of Pachacutec is that Machu Picchu starts his construction as future Sanctuary and pilgrimage place. The construction of Machu Picchu last 50 to 70 years, using the force of 50 thousand men, who dedicate their life to this construction.

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