Machu Picchu legacy of the ancient peruvians

Italy has the Roman Coliseum, the UK has Stonehenge, Egypt has its pyramids and the Great Wall of China has, but none of them has a stone city built on the mountains, so mysterious and beautiful than many think it was not made by humans . That city is located Machu Picchu and Peru.

Its precise location is 130 km northwest of the city of Cusco, Machu Picchu district of the province of Urubamba in the Cusco department and obtained the status of the Historic Sanctuary January 8, 1981. Then in 1983, UNESCO declared as World Heritage.

This wonder of the world is the work of the ancient peruvians who knew very well the art of polishing and carving of the stone. Their construction technique is so far a mystery, because it is difficult to imagine how moved the huge stones used to build the most important buildings like the Temple of Three Windows and Aclla Huasi, if not use the wheel. Another big question is: How did they put those huge blocks of stone one over another? Possibly due to his magnificent work organization, used the strength of many men who, through a pulley system, achieved that feat.

Thought was begun during the administration of the first Sapa Inca Tahuantinsuyo, called Pachacutec, about fifteenth century. Indeed there is a legend that tells the origins of Machu Picchu: It is said that Pachacutec, managed to beat the chanka with the help of the god Inti (the Sun) who made the stones surrounding the village of Cusco, men to fight in favor of Inca. Defeated the Chankas, Pachacutec began the conquest of the kingdoms near Cusco. His ambition angered the god Inti.

Pachacutec dreamed that the sun was hidden forever in the sky of Cusco and realized that this was a warning of God Initi. So sorry for his actions apologizes, but the nightmares continued, so distressed turns to the wife and sister of the god Inti, the goddess Quilla (the Moon). She, touched by the change in attitude of the Inca advised the following: That prepare a sweet and sour drink with the fermentation of corn and invited to eat at Inti atop a nearby mountain Huayna Picchu. The Inca did everything they told Keel goddess and was the place for the meeting. Pachacutec waited and waited but did not reach the god Inti.

Suddenly you see a poor old man, tired and unsheltered, I could barely standing. The old Inca approaches and covers it with his royal robe, sitting together on a large rock plate. The old man makes one question there: I hope to Inti, the Inca responded, but apparently he did not come. The old man asks for patience as he always keeps his promises, to which the Inca had compassion offers food and drink that was made for Inti. When both were finished, the Inca offers to take the valley when they see the old man becomes a man strong and richly dressed. He was the god Inti.

Now I realize that compassion and humility have returned to you. I promise never to leave the skies of Cusco and build a temple here for selected women, in honor of the goddess Keel, who interceded for you, and in the exact place where you and I ate, builds an altar to serve as symbol of my promise. Therefore, this mountain is named “Machu Picchu” which means “Old Mountain”, and within the village is the flat rock called “Inti Huatana” which means “Place where the sun is tied”

For over 500 years, Machu Picchu Peru has keep many secrets, and still is hiding many of them, little by little archaeologist found pieces and artifacts of this great culture that were the Incas.

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