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Movies and Machu Picchu

Movies and Machu Picchu Given the fact that Machu Picchu is one of the greatest landscapes to capture the most deepest emotions about being captivated by the nature and the mystique of the universe, many film director has focus all his knowledge in create movies or scenes that shows Machu Picchu in many opportunities.

Many people that work in the movie business said that Indiana Jones was created based on the teacher that came around 1911, that man is Hiram Bingham.

One of the first movies that show Machu Picchu is the movie called The Secret of the Incas, with the participation of Charlton Heston and the musical participation of our most famous soprano, Yma Sumac.

The 50s and the 60s decades, a few film director made movies that show the Sanctuary into the eyes of the movie fans, in 1962 Martn Chambi made a movie called MachuPicchu, and in the 70s, Werner Herzog, a fearless and serious director filmed Aguirre, the Wrath of God, and shows in one scene the actors coming down from one of the mountains called Huayna Picchu.

In 1994 the Peruvian film director Luis Llosa made a movie called Max is missing, that tells the story of a child called max, who get lost on his travel to Cusco, escaping from a thieves that want a Tumi ( a ceremonial knife use by many pre-Spanish cultures) that was made of gold.


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