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Music and Machu Picchu

Many artists found inspiration with the wonder that is Machu Picchu, many musicians have wrote about the Sanctuary and his magnetism, greatness and his ancestral knowledge.

One of the first bands that create a conceptual album with the Machu Picchu theme is Los Jaivas, a Chilean band of folk-rock, who took a poem made by Pablo Neruda called Alturas de Machu Picchu (Machu Picchu Heights) and add some folk music, creating a masterpiece and a classic among the progressive rock albums in South America.

Other Chilean folk band, with more native influences, also creates a musical Piece called Machu Picchu.
Ruben Blades, a Salsa performer sang on a Pablo Neruda tribute music album called Marinero en tierra (Sailor on the earth) performing the poem that Neruda Wrote for the Sanctuary.

Among the Peruvian musician that have wrote songs about Machu Picchu are Gerardo Manuel y el Humo, with his ¨Machu Picchu Blues¨, Yawar and his song ¨Machu Picchu¨, and finally Los Mojarras with their song also named: "MachuPicchu".

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