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Machu Picchu Vacations

Always everybody heard about that the Amazing Citadel made by Pachacutec in the Empire Inca. Located in Peru at 7.000 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountains. And describe how amazing is this citadel but they don´t realize that is more than that.

Machu Picchu was a citadel lost in the time discovered by Hiram Bingham, but according to the recent studies shows that Bingham believed he found Vilcabamba (place where the Incas battle against to Spain conquistadors) not Machu Picchu. At these days it's hard to reveal the reasons for its construction, the activities that Incas did in that place, and then, why did they abandoned this citadel?

There are interesting things that you must know when you decide to visit Machu Picchu here I´ll show you some of them:

Visitors needs to choose and check different options in getting to the archaeological site, including 4 days, but its better if you take a week, because tourists needs to acclimate to the high elevation. In this case the tourist can enjoy their trip without any risk.
Also its possible to walk to go to Aguas Calientes to get to the ruins (8km), which will takes 1 or 2 hours up. This route it’s made of stairs, most of people recommend starting at 5am when the gate at the foot opens, to arrive to the top before the sunrise. Keep alert and take care when the steps are wet.

At the time to pick what way you´ll choose for the Inca trail it's necessary to be in a good physical condition. It’s better to walk this way because takes you through the mountains and tiny villages, people in those places are very friendly and they can give you some advice for your trip.

Also the Peruvian Government has imposed a 500 person pass limit per day on Inca Trail, so be careful. And also if you got some energy, try to visit Wayna Picchu it’s not difficult to ascent; most of people don´t have any problem. About food, don´t even think leave your trash behind you. About eat try to taste everything.

As a plus i´ll tell you a religious belief, maybe you´ll see many porters who go to sleep with a brilliant metal object or a mirror under them. Now ask to yourself: Why? They Believe that, the reflects of the mirror or the brilliant metal deflects the bad spirits which coming from the earth and wanted to take them.
If you don´t believe me ask to any porter or guide, and most of all will tell you that at some time they felt that spirits of the past pulled their pants.

Perú is a land of contrast, on one side has the Andes with his mountains and snowcapped, and on the other side has a jungle with the Amazonas river, a sacred river worshiped by the natives who lives on their shore. But there is one place that takes the price for all the destinations that you must visit, which is Machu Pic

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