Adventure sports in Machu Picchu

If you want to spend sometime and feel the adrenaline, you cant miss the adventure sports in Machu Picchu. When you’re on travel vacation, you must check the possibilities of making some other things besides visiting the Machu Picchu Sanctuary, there are also many things that you got to put on your adventure travel list.


The most common of these sports is trekking, this is a calm and peaceful sport, the only thing that includes is your enthusiasm and your eyes wide open so you can miss a single thing from the great and amazing view that the trail shows you.

But everything is not so easy, you got to check the routes and the state of your own health, and check the situation of your equipment that demands for the trekking.


This activity requires strong legs, and of course, a good mountain bike so you can climb up and down from the Valleys, you will enjoy the great view of all the landscape.


This is one of the best activities that you must add to your list, Evocating the fly of an ancient bird like the Condor, you got to train before jump in the air, because this is a risky sport, and you can’t fly alone, you must have a training and experience person who can take you to the most high places, where the wind whisper in your ear softly.


That is one of the most favorite sports for the adrenaline junkies, is an awesome opportunity for challenge your own fear. One of the rivers that the people get into is the Urubamba, which has natural’s whirlpools and water formations that create waves all along the trip.

Horseback ride

If you’re looking for more calm and laydown, and if you are with someone special, maybe celebrating an anniversary or just enjoying life, this is your perfect sport. The grace and majesty of the horses, brings you to the past, and live like it was riding back in the early days of the Machu Picchu discover.

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