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The imperial City of Cusco, known for the entire world because is one of the wonders of the world and not for less, it’s an impresive and beautiful city, which squares, walls and buildings are a reason to be amazed.

This city which had captivate turist and researchers its located in the Andes at southeast of Peru in the Department of Cuso and the province from de same name, surrounded by the Cordillera of Vilcabamba, Vilcanota and Carabaya. The origins of this culture it lose on the myth and legend wich are:

The legend f Maco Capac y Mama Ocllo and the legeng of “Hermanos (brother) Ayar, this legends explains the reason of the fundation of the Empire of the Incas.

The scientist of this citadel is compared with Rome, because those cultures are similar in their capital which it expanded and consolidated the posesions of each Empire. The Empire named “tahuantinsuyu” by the Incas that means in Quechua ” Kingdom of the four parts of the Sun”, because its divided geographically
and politically in four parts or “Suyos”.

In the Empire Inca all is related with agriculture and stockbreeding, which its qualified as a one of the cities developed ancient world. to make this posible the Inca made to build a irrigation canal system and another system called “andenes” which permits the farmig of the land where its supposed imposible exploitation of the natural resources.

The Empire of Incas it characterized for the maximum exploitation of their enviroment and the comunication vial very efficient named “Capacam” or Road of the Inca, this track was used for the Chasqui, nowadays it would be like a runner, The Chasqui carried mesagges and objects to one place to another, some people says that the chasqui would run as fast as possible to the next post and so on until he reach his destination.

Some chroniclers mention that one message from Quito to Cusco took at less five days. This vial comunication it extended for the entire Empire and have the aproximately distance of 50000 km.

One of the expresions more significant of this citadel are the Architectural buildings that break the human imagination, maybe your asking yourself how did they built it? the incas were masters who dominated the art of the stone like no other people, Buildings that anybody you can found in another part of the world.

The architect of this great work is the Inca state, who took the hability and technique of the craftsmen and builders from the entire Empire to built this citadel. Who built it must have great technical knowledge and nobody currently owns.Among the most beautiful buildings is the palace of Pachacutec, the House of the Virgins of the Sun, the Palace and the Coricancha Pucamarca,on which the Spanish decided to build the church of Santo Domingo.

the richness of the empire was so huge that some chroniclers like Cieza de Leon said “when Atahualpa asked for his rescue, he filled a room with gold and two rooms with silver.

The city of Cusco have a diversity of turistic points, but don’t worry the important thing is that you must no pressure your trip. It’s better to walk and know first the city then you can go out and visit the old ruins from the colonial time, like “barrack square”, “the Temple of Jesus Company” Church and Convent of La Merced, and Archbishop’s Palace Stone of Twelve Angles Museum of Contemporary Art, and many more places that describe the history of art and wonder of a culture that endures in the XXI Century.

You can see two cultures in one place, the past of the Peru and the past of Spain, all this in only one city. A trip cultural and Hystoric. strets which irradiated perfection, landscapes that only one can imagine, myth and tradition in the corners and churches. Cusco an enchanted city currently living in our city … Cusco waiting for you!

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