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The Huaca Huallamarca

The Huaca Huallamarca was a stepped pyramid, Build with little sun dried bricks hand made in a corn grain shape. His walls were painted of yellow.

The site of Huallamarca has an antique of 2 thousand years old, between the 100 bd and the 250 ad. In 1942, Julio C. Tello, a famous archaeologist decide to excavate the fields of the called Pan de azúcar farm, rename it by the archaeologist Huallamarca or Wallamarca.

According to him, the Lima Valley was divided on 4 parts, Huatica Marka, Walla Marka, Mango Marka and Xika Marka. Being Walla Marka the most important, because two rivers born on his lands: The Huatica and the Surco.

Because of the initiative of another Archaeologist, Arturo Jimenez Borja, that the Huallamarca Huaca was saved from the total destruction, and counting with the support of the major of San Isidro, district where is located the Huaca.

He rebuilt the totality of the Huaca, and in 1958 he made some excavations on the top of the pyramid, extracting 48 mortuary bulks, and also he gave to the place a site museum. However everything was not ok, because Jimenez Borja at the moment of rebuilt the pyramid, he change the whole structure, change it from his original form.

The Site Museum

Have the findings that Julio C Tello and Jimenez Borja found at the moment of their excavations.


Nicolás de Rivera and Rosario avenues, in the district of San Isidro.


Tuesday to Monday, from 9am to 5pm.

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