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Peru Festivals

Peru is a multicultural country and thus has many festivals that occur throughout the country totally different from each other. The festivals of Peru show the fervor of its people and are often linked to religious origins. At certain times of year, Peru seems to be a country of endless festivals, parades and parties. The […]

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Chiclayo information

Chiclayo and the lord of Sipán Chiclayo is a city located at the northeast of Perú, capital of the Lambayeque department, is the fourth city with more habitants, with over 583.159 habitants. Origin of the name There are a lot of versions about the origin of the name, one of them is the name of […]

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Lima To Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is an ancient Incan city in Peru about 795 miles (1280 kilometers) southeast of Lima. The Incas built the city in about 1450, and most researchers believe it was abandoned less than 100 years later. Situated on an obscure mountaintop, the forgotten city’s 200 buildings succumbed to jungle overgrowth but remained surprisingly intact. […]

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Peru Currency

The currency in Peru is the Peruvian Sol. Peruvian Sol  Money Exchange  ATMs Credit Cards Peruvian Sol Currency History The Nuevo Sol, now called the Peruvian Sol, is the country’s monetary unit which took effect on July, 1991 in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 25295 issued on January 3, 1991. This coin replaced […]

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Peru Culture

Peru Culture is formed by its people, festivals, music, architecture, and cuisine, literature including customs, codes, standards, lifestyles and traditions in society. Peru Culture was formed by the kinship between the Amerindian and Hispanic cultures. Peruvian people is formed by different races for example mestizo (most people of Peruvians) which is an admixture of Amerindians […]

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Peruvian Music

Peru music is a fusion of sounds and styles drawing on the country’s Andean, Spanish, and African roots. Hundreds of years of cultural mixing in Peru has formed a broad musical landscape along with unique pre-Hispanic and mestizo dances to accompany the tunes. Andean influences can be best heard in wind instruments and the shape […]

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Peru Top Destinations

The Top 10 Peru Tourist Attractions Peru is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, it combines beautiful landscapes, modern and ancient cultures, from the mysterious Nazca lines to the enigmatic Machu Picchu. Peru is one of the most visited destinations by foreign tourists, as it not only has Archaeological wealth and monuments, but […]

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Lima Information

Lima Lima, the three times crowned city 1535, Few Spanish conquers arrive to a dry but abundant territory known as Lima, name that comes from the deformation of the word Ràmac, which means talker and also is the name of the main river that cross trough that place. 2012, almost 480 years later, Lima is […]

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The Huaca Huallamarca

The Huaca Huallamarca was a stepped pyramid, Build with little sun dried bricks hand made in a corn grain shape. His walls were painted of yellow. The site of Huallamarca has an antique of 2 thousand years old, between the 100 bd and the 250 ad. In 1942, Julio C. Tello, a famous archaeologist decide […]

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