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Machu Picchu weather

Machu Picchu weather

The time in Machu Picchu is warm and humid during the day and fresh at night. The temperature ranges between 12ºC and 24ºC (54ºF-75ºF). Generally this site is rainy (1955 mm per year) especially between November and March.

Rains and humidity

From November to March is the rainy season in Machu Picchu, while between April to November is the dry shiny season.

The rain months take approximately the 80% of the annual volume of rains (1.600 – 2.300 mm). The annual average of humidity is 77% in the dry season and in the wet season is 91%.

However, Machu Picchu has part of the Amazon jungle, and the rains are present in all the seasons. In the hottest days it is possible to achieve approximately 26° Celsius (79ºF), in the coldest early mornings in June and July the temperature can drop to -2 ° C(+28ºF). Its annual average temperature is 16 ° C (61ºF). You can clearly make a difference between two seasons: the rainy season (November to March)visitors are recommended to bring appropriate clothing and during the strong sun season (April to October), with a notable increase in temperature.

The best months to visit Machu Picchu are May to October.

Generally in Machu Picchu it is hot during the day and cold at night. The tourist must be prepared, because the weather has fluctuations. The ideal thing is carry a backpack,a sweater of wool, a jacket. During the day the tourist can use a t-shirt and a comfortable pair of pants. In the dry season (May- November) the sun makes us wear sunglasses, a hat and sun block.

It is necessary to carry many t-shirts,nobody knows when the rain starts, even in the dry season.

Make sure to carry an umbrella in the rainy season, also wear waterproof boots for walking, as the floor gets very slippery.

Because of the climate in Machu Picchu there will be a lot of mosquitoes which are presented in greater numbers on sunny days, the itching skin irritation occurs.

We recommend bringing mosquito repellent.

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