Machu Picchu weather

The tropical mountain forest surrounding Machu Picchu is relatively warm and humid throughout the year. On average, daytime is warmer and then temperatures drop at night. Variation in Machu Picchu weather actually depends more so on rainfall than temperature. Given the location of Machu Picchu, rain can be expected anytime, but most showers occur between November and March.

Rainy Season & Dry Season

From November to March is the rainy season in Machu Picchu.

Between April to November is the dry, more sunny season at the Citadel.

Temperature, Rains & Humidity

Temperature: Machu Picchu is located in a tropical cloud forest and rain is present throughout the year, even in the dry season months. The average temperature ranges between 54ºF and 75ºF (12ºC and 24ºC). On the hottest days, it is possible to reach 79ºF (26°C). During the dry season months (winter months in the southern hemisphere) there is greater fluctuation between daytime and nighttime temps.

Rains: The rainy months receive approximately 80% of the annual volume of rains (1,600 – 2,300 mm).

Humidity: The average humidity level throughout the year is 77% in the dry season and 91% in the rainy season.

Packing Recommendations

In general, Machu Picchu is hot during the day and cold at night. Visitors should however be prepared for fluctuations in weather.

Dry Season

Dry season (May to November) must-haves include sunglasses, a hat, and sun block for protection against the sun’s strong rays. On a day without rain, it’s comfortable to explore Machu Picchu wearing a t-shirt, comfortable pants, and well-worn shoes. The ideal thing is to carry a backpack with an extra wool sweater if you get cold, and a lighter rain jacket (just in case).

Rainy Season

Carry an umbrella in the rainy season. Also wear waterproof boots with good traction for walking around the archaeological complex as the ground and stone steps get very slippery.

Are there mosquitos?

Bring insect repellent! Because of the tropical climate in Machu Picchu, there are indeed mosquitoes which tend to be present in higher numbers on sunny days.

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