All about Machu Picchu Facts:

Machu Picchu Facts

So, you’re interested in learning some interesting details and historical morsels about Peru’s most famous archaeological site? Machu Picchu facts can help you prepare for your visit and enhance your understanding of its significance while you’re there! Get the facts with answers to these questions: Where is Machu Picchu is located in Peru? What is […]

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Why is machu Picchu Important

Many people ask: why is Machu Picchu important? The Citadel of Machu Picchu is considered the main tourist attraction in Peru and one of the most visited worldwide. Machu Picchu is a Quechua word that comes from “Machu” that means old or ancient, and “Picchu” meaning mountain. Therefore, Machu Picchu translates as “Old Mountain.” Machu […]

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How Old is Machu Picchu

“How old is Machu Picchu?” is a common question to ponder about the most representative city and visited of ancient Peru. Fortunately, scientific studies conducted at the archaeological site help reveal answers to its mysterious origins. Inca Empire Construction “Scientific Discovery” Inca Empire Radiocarbon testing (carbon-14 dating) places the date of Machu Picchu’s construction around […]

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Lost City of Machu Picchu

The Lost City of Machu Picchu is a mysterious wonder. The site is a window to the past, through which we can know who built it: the Incas, an ancient civilization that created the most powerful empire in South America. While it took obvious skill to construct Machu Picchu, the city has also guarded its […]

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How Big is Machu Picchu

Can you imagine how big is Machu Picchu? The sanctuary is located in the district of Machu Picchu, in the province of Urubamba in the department of Cusco. It spans one of the most impressive archaeological sites in the world. It has an area of 32,592 hectares. The built area in Machu Picchu includes 172 […]

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Machu Picchu weather

The tropical mountain forest surrounding Machu Picchu is relatively warm and humid throughout the year. On average, daytime is warmer and then temperatures drop at night. Variation in Machu Picchu weather actually depends more so on rainfall than temperature. Given the location of Machu Picchu, rain can be expected anytime, but most showers occur between […]

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Ollantaytambo Was a site with many archaeological structures like astronomic observatories, administrate, agricultural and urban. Is a city with the remain of his Inca legacy, since this still keeps some of the constructions that were built by the Incas, and the natives are still using it like 400 years ago. Weather Is dry during the […]

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