Machu Picchu Inca Trail

This is a piece of cake that you will taste when you visit Cusco.

Thousands of people who come around the world want to know how the incas built it or see this wonder of the world is.

Cusco has many stories about the inca civilization one of the most common is Paititi, its a lost city, some people says that it should be existed in the Andes, hide in some place of the southeast of the peruvian jungle. this story appears because some writings appeared in the sixteenth century, the authors were Vaca de Castro, Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa, Juan lvarez Maldonado. for there it is, apparently, where the lost gold treasure of the Incas is. but which treasure? when Atahualpa was captured by the conquistators, he offered a rescue which is a room full of gold and two rooms full of silver, when the subordinates of Atahualpa arrives to Cusco they hide the part of the treasure in this place.

Urubamba rafting 1 day:

The Urubamba river ubicated in the Andes of southem Peru to the south east of Cusco, also it’s called Vilcanota. In the lower part it’s called high Urubamba near to Machu Picchu, Santa teresa, Quillabamba nad Echarate. This section is perfect for one day, whith class II,III and III+ rapids.

Beautilful landscape, enormous eucalyptus trees, flowers. the reafting season us all the year, and from december to Mrach the river is class IV.

Chuquicahuana: A river of III class located at the south of Cusco.(one hour half). the rapids in this river the rapids and they are constant class III and
IV for around 11km.

Tipon Ruins: Located at the east of Cusco near to Oropesa in the community of Choquepeda, is an Inca ruins Which have enclosures, terraces and an intact canal.

The highest part of this comples is crossed by the Inca trail with an irrigation canal. this ruins may have been a park for the highest class or an agriculture centrum.

Also its considerated on of the 16 most important archaeological tours fot tourist who visti this area.

Koricancha: The most important temple of the Tahuantinsuyo that means in Quechua “Temple of the Sun”, a beautiful sacred temple wich was built under the order of Pachacutec after his victory over The Chancas on 1438.

Oropesa: Its one of the twelve districts of the Quispicanchi province, located in the department of Cusco.

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