Machu Picchu Holidays

All the principal celebrations in the Empire are Religious, because this is one of the main important thing in the life of any settler of the Inca Empire.

The festivities which are related with agriculture activities, were related with the begining of the seasons, all this festivities were in the honor of the god Sun,
and they giving thanks to the all benefits received in their own lifes. Which resulted in abundant harvests.

Their principal deities are:


When Where Description
20 Cusco Chearaje in Canas. Struggle within communities as in the Inca period, with slingshots “waracas” and
“liwias” and other weapons as well, to flirt with the young girls of the town.


When Where Description

2nd week


Cusco Holy Week. On Moundy Thursday there is the famous “Señor de los Temblores” procession, Patron of
Cusco, and on Good Friday there is the sensational procession of the Holy Sepulchral. During the seven
festivity days one can taste a large variety of typical foods.


When Where Description
2 to 4 Cusco “Cruz de Velacuy”. It is about the crosses vigil and adoration. In various churches folk groups stages the
La Jurca customs scene and a great display of folk dances.


All the month Cusco Cusco Jubilee Feast. Cultural, artistic and recreative activities are carried out in homage to the Imperial
city. The medicinal hot-spring waters of Aguas Calientes are in the outskirts of the location, near Machu
Picchu, as well as the Conac hot-spring waters (109 kms far).
1st week Cusco International Festival of the “Cusqueña” beer. Celebrated with all types of music, such as rock, salsa,
Peruvian ballades, etc.
2 to 3 Cusco Feast of the Lord of “Qoyllurriti”. By the Ausangate snow-caped mountain slope (6,362 m above sea
level) thousands of pilgrims climb the mountain. The men “Q’eros” and the pilgrims carry huge ice blocks
to their lands.
9 Cusco Corpus Christi. Is one of the most beautiful religious folk demonstrations. It must set off the “Entrada de
los Santos” (Saint’s Entrance) and the Consecrated Host procession. Folk bands and dancers display.


Cusco Raqchi Festival. Great display of regional dance groups. Agricultural and cattle-raising Fair, typical food
conquest. Tupac Amaru a great America martyr, was imprisoned and killed in the Tinta district (1780).
24 Cusco Inti Raymi Sun Feast. The Inti Raymi evocation is carried out in the Sacsayhuaman explanade, the most
pompous Inca’s empire feast. Would you like to take part in the Inti Raymi festival ?  Look at our Fixed departure date package tour !
Last Sunday


Ollantay Rayni – Ollantaytambo. The entrance of the Inca fortress is the scenery of the Ollantay Inca
drama, which is staging of the love of the General Ollanta for the Kusicoillur princess.


27 to 30 Cusco Yawar Feast. This feast is celebrated by trapping the condor, then with bullfights with the condor at the
back and later the condor is released and the dancers celebrate in the streets.


25 Cusco Warichacuy. Evocation and giant staging of the “Wara” Incan imposing ritual, male garment that symbols the transit
of puberty to the adult age. Five thousand young people, showing multicolored Incan clothes represent several ability trials.
and physical skills. Sensational scenery at the Sacsayhuaman esplanade.


1 to 3 Cusco All Saints’ Day. It is celebrated in different places of the country and with their own customs.


23 to 24 Cusco Popular Fair Santuranticuy. Sale and exhibition of handicraft regional products, especially the Nativity with the image of
the Child Manuelito, typical Child God from Cusco.
Every Sunday Cusco Pisac. At this fair you can get handicraft of very good quality.
Every Sunday Cusco Chincheros. The Indians from neighboring towns go down the hill to sell their products through “bartering”, keeping in this
way their Inca customs.

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